​record as a conservationist incorporating this philosophy into his work and his life. The benefit of using, preservice and re-cycling organic materials was understood and incorporated into his art long before "green" fully infiltrated the general consciousness.
Born in 1958 in Nassau he received his BFA in painting from the now University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. His art has a strong signature with a special understanding of and flair for defining large spaces. As a Curator he has played a significant role in the public and private domain. In 1999 he was engaged by the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board and the Airport Authority to curate and purchase the two dimensional art for the Airport. Most recently in 2009 he created a design for 7 acres of grounds at the Centerville House.
His ethos connecting man's spiritual and emotional nature and nature itself and his desire to record and honor Bahamian heritage is inherent in all of his paintings and sculpture including the first "Sacred Space" project at the historical Clifton Heritage site.
By invitation in 2006, he exhibited in Changchun, China, his 12' bronze sculpture "Rebirth" now permanently installed there; and his pieces in wood, bronze and stone are in international collections in Italy, South Africa, Canada, Germany and the USA.

No Man Put Asunder

Edition of 7



Antonius Roberts Collection

​Antonius Roberts is one of the Bahamas' most outstanding artists and its pre-eminent sculptor and open space designers. He is passionate about preserving and documenting Bahamian/African heritage and has an impeccable 


Edition of 7