I believe that everyone comes into this world as an artist, drawn to differing ways of creative expression. It was when I moved to Sedona and began sculpting, that I experienced this sense of homecoming and Spiritual direction that seems to be a part of my process. Sculpture enhances the quality of my life and hopefully that of others. 

Barbara Brown's Collection


30 x 30 x 21

Edition of 50


Miracle Moon

13 x 15 x 6

Edition of 50


Broken Wing

​30 x 40

Edition of 50



​32 x 36 x 26

Edition of 26


Rarely, unless I am working on a commissioned piece,do I have more than a vague idea of what I'm about to sculpt.The sculpture creates itself. It unfolds before my eyes as I attempt to bring my intention into agreement with the Powers that Be. It amazes me to hold in my hand, something that was merely a thought.