Original bronze

George Phippen's 

"Cowboy in a Storm"



By Carl Wolf


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The finished 14 ft. clay enlargement

​           Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! We hope to see you here!
              The event is free and open to the public.​​​​​​​

T​he "Bronzesmith Collection" is a special collection of limited edition bronze sculpture for sale that have been created by many of our artists, both past and present. Many of these are the foundry proofs of sold out editions. Others are the proofs owned by Bronzesmith that are also for sale. Foundry proofs are special as they are the piece used as the reference for an edition, insuring the quality and consistency of each edition. For more information about these bronze statues, please give us a call or send an email.​ We ship anywhere!

Just opened... Bronzesmith's new gallery! Featuring  amazing bronze sculptures by Vladimir Kush.

Bronzesmith Fine Art Gallery has one of the largest and unique selections of limited edition ​bronze sculptures available for sale in our gallery and on our website. Casting the work of over 50 current sculptors, many whom are prestigious award winning and world renowned, gives the serious art collector a one stop shop for bronze purchases. From Western and Wildlife to Contemporary Native American, Military Equestrian, Figurative, and Outdoor pieces, we have “something for everyone”.

Come meet the artisans, mix and mingle, tour the foundry and enjoy the gallery and sculpture garden!

Oreland Joe's "Little Bear"

Putting the styrofaom enlargement together

Join Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry and Gallery for our Annual Open House and Bronze  Foundry Proof sale on Friday May 25th from 9-4.

The Bronzesmith team will be on hand to share their knowledge of the fascinating bronze casting process with special bronze pours scheduled at 10am and noon. Featured are local artists Carl Wolf and Deb Gessner.

See a “sneak preview” of George Phippen’s 14 ft. enlargement of “Cowboy in a Storm” before it leaves the foundry and spends the weekend at the 44th Annual Phippen celebration of Western art show in downtown Prescott Memorial Day weekend. This spectacular sculpture will be permanently placed in the roundabout in front of the Phippen Museum on AZ-Hwy 89 North.

George Phippens "Cowboy in a Storm"

14 ft. enlargement


Larry Yazzie's "Journey Through Life Together"

Visit our new gallery

Ed Reilly and Sculptor Deb Gessner as guests on the Sandy Moss Show, discussing this monumental project.

Sculptor Deb Gessner working on the enlargement.

​Here is the original bronze sculpture of "Cowboy in a Storm" by Cowboy Artist of America, George Phippen. We have the honor of casting this 14 ft. tall bronze monument that is being produced through the generous collaboration between the Phippen Museum, The Prescott Area Art Trust, Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry and Gallery, artist Deb Gessner, the City of Prescott, and private donations from Jim Chamberlain and the Harold James Family Trust.

Scheduled for placement in a new roundabout on Hwy. 89, this impressive bronze sculpture will eventually welcome locals and visitors alike as they enter Granite Dells from the North and serve as a lasting tribute to the artist for whom the museum is named after.

Taking you through the enlargement process, the image is scaled up and cut out in Styrofoam, then coated in wax and finally clay. The piece is then carefully sculpted by artist Deb Gessner. 
The enlargement will be molded next week so stay tuned for weekly updates as we take you through, step by step, the lost wax bronze casting process.​

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"Friesian Stallion"

by Deb Gessner

The work in progress.

Bronzesmith Annual Open House


Bronze Sculpture Sale

Come see our Foundry Proofs!!

The 14 ft. foam enlargement

14 ft clay enlargement George Phippen's 

​"Cowboy in a Storm"

Cindy Barks from The Daily Courier has done a wonderful featured article on this project.