Watching the Barrier

22 x 20 x 9

Edition of 100


Left Out

13 x 19 x 10

Edition of 50


Indian Camp Bell

7.5 x 3.5 c

Edition of 250


Footsteps to the Future

72 x 42 x 42

Open Edition


Anywhere, Anyway, Anytime

14.5 x 9.5 x 9

Edition of 35


​Deborah Copenhaver Fellows is recognized throughout the United States for her bronze and silver sculpture. Her 

​works can be seen in corporate and private collections, including the United States Capitol Building and the Reagan White House collections. Deborah Copenhaver Fellows' monument work has been commissioned by the University of Texas, The State of Montana and James Irvine in Los Angeles. In 1990 Deborah won the competition to sculpt the Washington State Korean War Memorial for the State Capitol grounds.

With a degree in fine arts, Deborah has continued to study sculpture and art history in the United States, Italy, France and Greece. She currently lives with her artist husband, Fred Fellows, at their ranch near Sonoita, Arizona.

Deborah's Boy Scout Monument, "Footsteps to the Future" can be viewed locally in Prescott, AZ.​​

My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

22 x 20 x 9

Edition of 100


Wild Horse Bell

6.25 x 3 c

Edition of 250


I Saddle My Own Horse

15 x 7

Edition of 100


Closing Time

14 x 9 x 5

Edition of 75


When the Roundup's Over

5 x 14 x 9


The Night Heard Bell

7.75 x 4 c

Edition of 250



Deborah Copenhaver's Fellows Collection

Girl's Night Out

19 x 21 x 13

Edition of 35


The Wind Her Only Guide For Youth Was In The Saddle There With Half A World To Ride

26 x 9 x 14

Edition of 35