f​rom his grandfather, who was called “Judge” because of his wisdom, and leadership role amongst other elders. 

Through legends of animal characters elders taught the morals of the people, the ways of Mother Earth, and how human beings came to be.  Today Doug expresses the Indian mythology and spirit through his sculpture.

Hyde’s subjects range from Native American legends and contemporary themes to aquatic imagery and Japanese women in kimonos.  “I feel a real kinship with Southwestern themes and the Navajo, Hopi, Pueblo and Apache peoples,” he says.  “I do a lot of research before beginning any new sculpture, and I frequently refer to my collection of Bureau of Ethnology books for background information".  

Comfortable working with stone or bronze, and miniature or monumental sizes, Hyde chooses his medium depending on what the image demands.  A lot of my stone pieces are later reproduced in bronze, because the metallic finish adds a unique dimension.

No matter the medium, Hyde has a steady following of collectors eagerly awaiting each new and exciting creation….



​​​​​​​​Bear Sounds

18 x 12 x 7

Edition of 12


​Doug Hyde was born in 1946 in Hermiston, Oregon of Native American descent.  His heritage is of the Nez Perce, Assiniboine and Chippewa American Indian Tribes.  Doug’s work is influenced by the Indian lore he learned as a youth  



Doug Hyde's Collection