​​Joan Andrew is a woman of multideminsional artistic accomplishments. A graduate of the University of Colorado; Joan has extensive continuing art studies in many mediums. Her bronze sculptures vary in size from larger than life to ​

Merry Go Round

17 x 24 x 19

​Edition of 15


Joan Andrew Collection

table top. She is adept in depicting both people and animals. Joan completed a life size bronze portrait sculpture entitled "Jenny" which is on public display in Honolulu, HI. Brighton, CO is the home of 8 1/2 foot sculpture of 6 people waiting for jury duty along with a 5' x 9' bas relief of a jury. While living in Washington, DC, Joan worked as a sketch artist for CNN where she covered the Senate, Supreme Court and the district courts.

As a Sedona, Arizona resident, she continues her work, painting and sculpting. Her award winning work is featured in galleries and museums throughout the US.