Crow Warrior
17 x 6 x 6
Edition of 40

When Thunder Roared

19 x 21 x 21

​Edition of 45

Where Have All My People Gone

37 x 14 x 15

​Edition of 45

Joe Beeler,CA Collection

Healer Maquette

14 x 10 x 11
Edition of 100

Sugar For The Trail

19 x 15 x 10.5

Edition of 45

Practice Makes Perfect

18 x 17 x 17

Edition of 35

​​​​Raised in Oklahoma and Missouri, Beeler received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kansas State Teachers College and continued his studies at the Art Center School in Los Angeles.

Collectors quickly acquired his paintings and the success of a one-man show at the Thomas Gilcrease Museum in 1960 established him on a course that would lead to national acclaim.
Receiving numerous medals and awards was an honor for Joe; the CAA presented him with gold and silver awards in sculpture, silver in drawing and an Artists Choice Award. He was named Arizona History Maker in 1994 by the Arizona Historic League. In 1998, Canadas Cowboy Festival presented Joe with the Living Legends Award in art.

Completing the Barry Goldwater Monument for Paradise Valley, Arizona was a sculpture Beeler took particular pleasure in doing since Goldwater was a supporter of the arts in Arizona and a personal friend of Joes. His retrospective book details his career in sculpture and painting.

Bronzesmith is saddened with the passing of our friend, Joe Beeler on April 26, 2006. We will be honoring his memory by continuing to show his work to the public.

Love at First Sight

12 x 12 x 9

Edition of 45

Mountain Chief

20.5 x 8.5 x 8.5

​Edition of 40

​Joe Beeler, one of the founding members of the Cowboy Artist of American, was present in Sedona, Arizona in 1965 when the CAA went from an idea to a reality.

Feelin' His Oats

16 x 6 x 6

​Edition of 45

If It Itches Scratch It

7 x 7 x 5

​Edition of 100

Sundance Chief

21 x 9 x 9

​Edition of 45


A Sure Catch

​18 x 16 x 11

Edition of 45

Whiskey Guard

24.5 x 21 x 12

Edition of 45


23 x 11 x 11
Edition of 45

Trouble in the Coral

18 x 8 x 8

​Edition of 40

Never Walk When You Can Ride

​14 x 19 x 9

​Edition of 45


28 x 13 x 13

​Edition of 45