Sharing the Harvest

17 x 5 x 5

Edition of 35


Hopi Maiden

Edition of 35


Tracy Beeler is one of those rare people born with a natural ability to draw. The daughter of Joe and Sharon Beeler, Tracy has not only been influenced by one of Americas premier western artists and co-founder of the Cowboy Artists of America, Joe Beeler; but also the late Sharon Beeler, a painter in her own right.


A Mother's Instinct

21 x 13 x 14

Edition of 35


Tracy Beeler Collection

Most art students would be envious of Tracy's art education, technical and appreciation classes that started from a very early age. Under the critical eye of her father, Tracy not only learned how to develop her drawing and sculpting abilities, but also learned how to do them correctly.

Tracy further developed her abilities and techniques during a five year stay in Florence, Italy working and studying.

Spirit Unbroken

30 x 12 x 12

Edition of 35


Fleeting Moment

21 x 9 x 14.5

Edition of 35


Song of the Sea

21 x 4 x 5

Edition of 35